A Short History 

The history of Aldersgate Methodist Church began in September 1977, when the Clementi New Town Pioneer Work was initiated under the charge of the Rev William Denver Stone, to build a Methodist church in the Clementi area. Through the work of the Rev Denver Stone and a nucleus of seven committed Christians, our inaugural service was held on January 8, 1978 at the Singapore American School, in Ulu Pandan, with an attendance of 70 adults and children. On May 7, 1978 our Pioneer congregation moved to a new place of worship at Theatre III of the Anglo-Chinese Junior College. We stayed there until December, when through the effort of the Rev T C Nga, a former British Army church at Portsdown Road became available for rent. Our first service at the Portsdown Road church was held on Christmas Day 1978. In the following year, on May 6, 1979, Clementi Methodist Church was constituted as the thirteenth local conference of the Trinity Annual Conference in Singapore. We worshipped at Portsdown Road for six years and during that period, made three unsuccessful tenders for parcels of land to build our church. In 1984, we were served a Quit Notice because of development work by the Government. Following this “eviction” we moved to Fairfield Methodist Primary School, where we worshipped for 10 years. But God was faithful. A series of what can only be described as nothing less than miracles, led to the completion of the Aldersgate Chapel in December 1994, where we worship today.

In 1997, our church was re-named Aldersgate Methodist Church.

How and why did God put us where we are today at Dover Road? To find out, click this link: The Aldersgate Experience

For more information, please email Dr Leonard Sebastian at webadmin@aldersgate.sg


Pastors Of Aldersgate Methodist Church

denver stone
Rev Denver Stone
Jan 1977 – Jun 1980
Rev George Eli
Jan 1980 – Jul 1985
paul nga junior
Rev Paul Nga HS
Jan 1985 – Jul 1988
rev dr daniel koh
Rev Daniel Koh KS
Jul 1988 – Jul 1995
Rev Daniel Tan OT
Jul 1994 – Sep 1999
Rev Dr Clarence Lim KS
Sep 1999 – Dec 1999
paul nga2
Rev Paul Nga HS
Jan 2000 – Dec 2005
PsSeeSweeFang PNG
Rev See Swee Fang
Jan 2002 – Dec 2005
Rev Chiang Ming Shun
Jan 2006 – Aug 2010
bernard chao
Rev Bernard Chao
Jan 2006 – Dec 2007
william sam
Rev William Sam
Jan 2009 – Sep 2013
Rev Barnabas Chong
Oct 2013 – Dec 2014
Rev Dr Lorna Khoo
Jan 2011 – Jul 2018
Rev David Ho
Jan 2015 – Present
Rev Dr Lynette Sathiasingam
Aug 2018 – Present