Prayer is…

  • More than a meeting – it is connecting with Our Heavenly Father.
  • More than a programmed event or activity — it is coming into the presence of The Almighty God.
  • More than a Christian discipline — it is communicating (hearing and speaking) with a Living and a Personal God.

At AMC, we are dedicated to prayer so that we can fulfil the destiny God has for our church.


  1. Weekly intercessory prayer.
  2. Ministry Tuesday.
  3. Churchwide prayer.
  4. Collaboration with other ministries (Pastoral Care and Missions).
  5. Prayer requests from members and non-members via phone, emails, church office and church website.
  6. Releasing of Word of Knowledge for the church services.


Prayer Meetings

17 January
Ministry Tuesday
“Waiting on the Lord”
 – Rev Vincent Goh
24 February
Churchwide Prayer Meeting
14 March
Ministry Tuesday
Free Topic
Rev Chris Hayward
April – No Meeting
30 May
Ministry Tuesday
Free Topic
Rev Dr Amos Jayarathnam
June – No Meeting
18 July
Ministry Tuesday
“Healing Service”
Rev Barnabas Chong
25 August
Churchwide Prayer Meeting
26 September
Ministry Tuesday
Free Topic
Mrs Lai Kheng Pousson
31 October
Ministry Tuesday
TRAC Prophetic Ministry Team and Rev Leslie Lim
24 November
Churchwide Prayer Meeting
December – No meeting
The prayer team meets regularly to stand in the gap for the church. If you would like to join the prayer team, contact Denise Lim at for details.
If you have any prayer requests, please email us at and the pastoral staff will be very happy to pray with you.