Vision, Calling and Direction

Our church is located at Dover Road, a place which has a high number of educational institutions, cutting-edge/  forward orientated / leadership developing enterprises poised to impact the future generations locally and internationally.

We are strategically placed at the ‘brain’ of Singapore.

Our name “Aldersgate” reminds us of the encounter of the ‘heart’ that John Wesley, the father of Methodism had in a street by that name in England in 1738. We are therefore called to be the Methodist Church of the “Encounter” – a place where people will have an inward encounter with God which will change their lives and transform their communities.

Our direction for 2012 and 2013 is to become that Church where all who come to our services, programmes and events will encounter the presence and power of God.

Church Theme: “Encountering God”

Our direction for 2014 and 2015 is to allow the Kingdom of God to come through our lives of faithful witness and service.

Church Theme: “Thy Kingdom Come”

For 2016-2017, our theme will be

Church Theme: “Growing Deeper”

We seek to go deeper in four areas:

  1. Scripture (more information)
  2. Spirituality (character formation)
  3. Surrender (Lordship of Christ)
  4. Service (Blessing others)

These four areas will be explored in our sermons:

  • Convictions about God (SCRIPTURE)
  • Come Holy Spirit to encounter us (SPIRITUALITY)
  • Christ Centred Living (SURRENDER)
  • Come Holy Spirit to empower us/Culture Transformation (outside the church) / Community building (within the church)(SERVICE)

In our committees and ministries, we will focus on:

  • why we do what we do (Scriptural underpinnings of our particular ministry),
  • how it should affect us and transform us (Spirituality and Surrender) and
  • we will engage in Service, working not in silos but in tandem and cooperation with each other. It is our hope that as a Church, we will be a church which reflects the real loving hospitality of God.