Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS) 

Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS) 
is the women’s division of the Methodist Church in Singapore. Her purpose is to help women grow in the knowledge and experience of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.



The WSCS challenges women to respond to God’s redemptive fellowship and to make Christ known throughout the world. The women are encouraged to develop a responsibility for the tasks of the Church and are called to serve in God’s kingdom according to their gifting.



  • Outreach and Social Concerns
  • Witness and Evangelism
  • Discipleship and Nurture
  • Missions

Our activities promote friendship, fellowship, service and charity to the needy.

On-going program:

  • Pre-Service Prayer on Sunday 
  • Hospital and bereavement visitation
  • English Lessons for Foreign Domestic Helpers
  • Bible Class for Foreign Domestic Workers
  • Bible Study for homemakers


2016 – 2017 AMC WSCS Committees

DESIGNATION                      NAME

President                               Mrs Wendy Sui

Vice President                        Dr Jean Sia

Secretary                               Mrs Anne Lim / Ms Jeanie Shim

Treasurer                               Mrs Angelic Lee / Mrs Florence Tan

Witness & Evangelism             Mrs Michelle Woo / Ms Irene Chan

Discipleship & Nurture             Mdm Trudy Tay

Outreach & Social Concerns    Ms Doris Koh / Ms Shirlaine Lim

Missions                                 Mrs Serene Liok / Mdm Hor Yuet Sim

Local Church Activities            Ms Cecilia Lee / Mdm Lucy Lim

Advisors                                 Mrs Amy Lee / Ms Katherine Low / Mrs Betty Low

Nominations Committee                   Mrs Linda Woon (Nomination Chairperson)
                                                         Mdm Irene Tay / Ms Chew Lee Eng
                                                         Mrs Connie Lok / Ms Susie Loh

AMC Advisor                          Mrs Wendy Chiang

Ex-Officio                               Rev Dr Lorna Khoo / Mdm Daisy Pang

For more information, please email Wendy Sui at webadmin@aldersgate.sg