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Aldersgate Praise Centre (APC)

APC is a Student Care Centre run by Aldersgate Methodist Church for the school children of Fairfield Methodist School (Primary).


Our Mission:

To provide a nurturing student care programme in a safe homely Christian environment to support the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of the child.


Our Beliefs:

  • Every child is a gift from God and should be shown love.
  • Every child is unique and should be cared for according to his/her needs.
  • Every child can learn .
  • Every child should be treated with fairness.
  • Every child needs to be protected from abuse and neglect.


Our Programme

Daily schedule

During school term                                  During school holidays

1300-1400   Lunch/shower                       Functions from 7am -7pm

1400-1530   Homework Time                    Breakfast, lunch and snack provided

1530-1600   Snack time                           Special holiday programme includes

1600-1700   Revision Time                       Interesting indoor and outdoor activities

1700-1830   Free & Easy                          Excursions to places of interest.

1830-1900   Home Sweet Home



The Centre is located within the premises of Aldersgate Methodist Church which is just next to Fairfield Methodist Primary School at Dover Road. The children are placed in classrooms according to their levels and each class has its own library corner and learning centre.


Contact for Enquiries

The Aldersgate Praise Centre Office 
98 Dover Road Singapore 139647
Telephone: +65 67746308
Whatsapp: +65 81830907
Email: apcadmin@aldersgate.sg
Web: www.aldersgate.sg/aldersgate-praise-centre-apc