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A good marriage needs a strong foundation and it takes commitment, effort and reliance on God for guidance through the years. Our Marriage Preparation Course conducted over seven-weekends, has an unique feature. Each participating couple are assigned a mentoring couple who promised a “service-warranty” of one year from their wedding dates. the mentors will also walk through with each couple using the Prepare-Enrich Instrument. 

For the seven-weekend course, each training session had two parts. The materials for the first part came from Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS), which was written by relationship experts, Doctors Les and Leslie Parrot. The sessions covered the various facets of marriage through DVD presentations and practical exercises to enhance the learning and application of each topic covered. The second part of each session covered topics that further enhance the couple’s relationship with God, themselves, parents and in-laws, financial management, sexuality, communication and conflict management. Through the seven weeks, all couples engaged in active discussion with their mentors. 


Content of Marriage Preparation Course

Week 1.
Part 1: SYMBIS – Have You Faced the Myths of Marriage Honestly?
Part 2:  Insiders’ Tips – Starting Right!
Week 2.
Part 1: SYMBIS – Can You Identify Your Love Style?
Part 2:  Insiders’ Tips – Understanding Your Love Language and Sexuality!
Week 3.
Part 1: SYMBIS – Have You Developed the Habit of Happiness?
Part 2:  Insiders’ Tips – Cultivate Enriching Relationships with Your Parents and In-Laws!
Week 4.
Part 1: SYMBIS – Can You Say What You Mean and Understand What You Hear?
Part 2:  Insiders’ Tips – Communicating Effectively to Keep Your Marriage Growing!
                                   – Managing your Finances
Week 5.
Part 1: SYMBIS – Have You Bridged the Gender Gap?
Part 2:  Insiders’ Tips – Knowing How Each of You are Wired Up! 
Week 6.
Part 1: SYMBIS – Do You Know How to Fight a Good Fight?
Part 2:  Insiders’ Tips – Why a Good Fight Ain’t So Bad?
Week 7.
Part 1: SYMBIS – Are You and Your Partner Soul Mates?
Part 2:  Insiders’ Tips – Marriage Made to Last!
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