40 Days Gospel Reading

  1. Set a time to read it daily. Let your group know.设定每天读经时间。并通知读经小组。
  2. Pray before you begin. Ask God to help you understand what you read. 在开始读经时祷告。祈求上帝让你明白所读的经文。
  3. Read it. Highlight it. Pay attention to words or phrases that draw you in. 读完整段经文,若有任何一个句子,词汇或字吸引你,请标签下来。 
  4. Use the S.O.A.P method: 运用 S.O.A.P. 方式
(S)cripture: Write down the words or phrases that caught your attention as you read.
(O)bserve: What do you observe about the text that caught your attention? 
(A)pply: How can you apply your observation so that it affects your life today? 
(P)ray: Write a prayer based on what you learn. Ask God to help you apply what you learn today. 
5. Share. Over the weekend, share what God taught you with at least one person or with your group. Don’t keep it to yourself.

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