Notice of Last Local Conference
of Aldersgate Methodist Church
Location: 98 Dover Road, Singapore 139647
Date: 23 September 2020 
Time: 7.30pm 
Owing to the dangers posed by the infectious disease known as COVID-19 and the safe distancing restrictions in force in Singapore to minimise further spread, and in accordance with the authority vested in the Local Church Executive Committee (“LCEC”) by ¶306A.4 of The Book of Discipline (as enacted by the Special Session of the General Conference held on 2 July 2020), Notice is hereby given that the Last Local Conference of Aldersgate Methodist Church has been called by the LCEC  to be held wholly by way of electronic means on 23 September 2020 at 7.30pm to transact the following business:
  1. Devotion & Prayer by Rev Stanley Chua, District Superintendent (District 4)
  2. Roll Call and Attendance
  3. Confirmation and Adoption of the Minutes of the First Local Conference 2020
  4. Matters Arising from the above Minutes
  5. Receive and Adopt the 2019/2020 Reports of Aldersgate Methodist Church
      • AMC & APC – unaudited Financial Statements for FY Ended 31.07.2020
      • AMC & APC – FY2020-2021 Budget
      • Governance Evaluation Checklist Submission for Aug 2018 – Jul 2019
      • Governance Evaluation Checklist Draft Submission for Aug 2019 – Jul 2020
  6. Elections: Report of Nominations Committee
      • To Elect Church Officers & Stewards
      • To Elect Delegates to TRAC (2020 ~ 2021)
          • 45th Session – 23rd ~ 26th November 2020
      • To Elect Finance Committee & Property Management Committee Members (2020~2021)
      • To Elect Nominations Committee Members (2020~2023)
      • To Elect Pastor-Parish Relations and Staff Committee Members (2020~2021)
      • To Elect Aldersgate Praise Centre Committee Members (2020~2021)
      • Any other elections
  1. Recommendation for Renewal of Local Preacher’s Licences
      • Mr Alan Ang Peng Boon
      • Mr Albert Low Seng Chua
      • Ms Anna Loo Hong Mui
      • Mr Loh Han Chew
      • Mr Richard Seow Hwa Sun
      • Mr Rufus Chan
      • Ms Stella Wan Mei Hsia
      • Mrs Wendy Chiang-Cheong Yin Leng
      • Ms Yuen Wai Mey
  1. Any Other Business
  2. Adjournment and Closing Prayer
A member of the Local Conference is required to register to enable him/her to attend the Last Local Conference by electronic, Zoom means. Please click on the URL given to register
Upon successful registration, you will be sent an email confirmation with the details of the Zoom ID and password.