Vision, Calling and Direction


Aldersgate Methodist Church

  • Is a church with an international calling (roots in British Portsdown Road Army chapel)
  • Is a church of Miracles (3 miracles in the history of this church which indicates that God will provide for our needs and He will surprise us)
  • It is located in the Brain of Singapore with MANY educational institutions (American School, ACJC, Fairfield schools, Insead, Research institutes, MOE, 12 schools)
  • There are 10 churches operating in this small stretch of land. Our specific calling, discerned in 2011, is to be the Methodist Church of the Encounter (Aldersgate: John Wesley’s heart warming experience”- from head knowledge to heart experience)


The focus of the years:

2018-2019: Sabbath Lifestyle
2020: Discipleship
2021: Discipleship
2022: Discipleship: Anchor and Abide

Sabbath (as in 7th day and 7th year in Scripture) is a time to Stop and Pause, Take stock, Review, Refocus, Reorientate.

We will spend this year doing the above regarding our vision.

“people who come here will experience (not just hear or learn academically) the reality, love and power of God in its width (covering all areas of life and creation) and depth(beyond basic knowledge).”