In the world, but not of the world.  A simple slogan to remind young adults aged 23 through 35 that God calls us to be witnesses and ministers of Christ not just on Sundays, but every day.  God has placed us in the marketplace and in various tertiary institutions, to be His salt and light!

The Young Adults Ministry (YAM) works towards helping young adults in AMC fulfil God’s purpose for our lives. The core of the YAM is the various young adult Pastoral Care Groups (PCGs).  These are small groups which meet weekly or fortnightly for a time of accountability, fellowship, prayer and Bible study. YAM assists PCGs in sourcing for study and discussion materials which are helpful for young adults making the transition into the workplace. The various social activities and events organised by YAM serve as a platform for young adults to interact across their own peer groups.  These are aimed at facilitating mentoring relationships to build up the young adult community in AMC. YAM encourages “organic” ministry initiatives to reach out and bless others.  If you are a group of young adults seeking to respond to God’s leading to reach out and bless others, come speak with us to see how we can help facilitate that initiative.

If you are a young adult, studying in a tertiary institution or out working in the marketplace, YAM is here for you. We look forward to your presence at our PCGs, and your active participation at our events! If you are keen to serve God by helping to plan and prepare for various YAM programmes, we want to hear from you too! 
For more information, please email to Cindy Ling at